Counseling & Psychology Resources - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How long will my counseling or therapy last?
    As you might expect, each person and the nature of their problem are unique. Although it is difficult to know exactly how long therapy might last for a particular person, in our experience the “average” number of sessions for many problems is between 6 and 10 visits. However, there are exceptions and following the initial consultation, it is usually possible to provide a clearer estimate about the length of treatment.

  • Where it is your office located?
    Our office is located in Hickory, North Carolina at 321 7th Street, NE about midway between the Hickory downtown area and Lenoir-Rhyne University. Click here for directions.

  • Will I be able to get medication at your office?
    Dr. Indenbaum is a Licensed Practicing Psychologist, he is not a physician and therefore cannot prescribe medication. Only a medical doctor or other qualified health care professional can prescribe medication. However, Dr. Indenbaum frequently consults with a patient’s primary care physician or other health care provider to discuss medication concerns. Also, if necessary, he is able to refer you to a physician who can then prescribe necessary medication.

  • Do I need a referral to be seen at your office?
    We are happy to accept referrals from other health-care professionals although this is not necessary. If you or someone you know would like an appointment you can schedule this by contacting our office.

  • Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?
    We accept Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement on a limited basis. For more information please contact our office.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do accept insurance payments from many different carriers. However, there are some carriers from whom we are not “in network”. The primary reasons that we choose not to work with certain providers has to do with limitations they place upon our ability to make decisions along with our clients about treatment. Some providers require that we send personal and confidential information to them so they can decide if treatment is necessary and how long it should continue. Please remember, in most all cases, your insurance carrier has an agreement with you, not our office, to assist with payment of health care costs. We strongly encourage you to contact your carrier directly concerning your "out-patient mental health" benefits. The phone number is usually on your insurance card. We are always happy to assist you with any questions or concerns about such matters.

  • Do you have a "sliding fee scale" or "payment plans"?
    As a “private” mental health professional Dr. Indenbaum is not able to offer a “sliding fee scale”. Our fees remain the same to all of our clients. However, we are able to offer “payment plans” in order to help clients pay for professional services. You should discuss this directly with Dr. Indenbaum during your initial visit.

  • What are your office hours?
    Appointments are usually scheduled Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM with evening appointments available on a limited basis. If you have any questions please feel to contact our office during regular business hours: Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM at (828) 324-6397. Our fax number is (828) 324-2320.

    Mailing Address:
    321 7th Street, NE - Suite A
    Hickory, North Carolina 28601

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